Indonesian Team Forced to Withdraw in All England

London, MINA – All Indonesian teams were forced to withdraw from the All England 2021 tournament and unable to continue the match was when a flight from Istanbul, Turkey to Birmingham, England, on Saturday saw one of the passengers affected by Covid-19.

The Manager of the All England 2021 Team, Ricky Soebagdja, in his written statement stated that the cause was that one passenger on the plane was positive for Covid-19.

“However, we were not told who, how many people, and where did the positive person come from. In accordance with British Government regulations, if you are on the same plane as a person who is positive for Covid-19, you are required to undergo 10 days of isolation,” said Ricky

So, Ricky continued, the Indonesian team was forced to resign and carry out isolation until March 23, 2021 at the Crowne Plaza Birmingham City Center, starting 10 days from the team’s arrival in Birmingham on Saturday.

“Neither the BWF nor the All England committee themselves can do anything because this has become a British Government regulation,” Ricky explained. This has been an extremely painful and disappointing incident for all of us. ”

Three Indonesian representatives have already played in the first round of the All England 2021.

Kevin/Marcus men’s doubles pair, Jonatan Christie’s men’s singles, and Ahsan/Hendra men’s doubles pair.

The three of them are able to beat their opponents. Meanwhile, the remaining four representatives have not played. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)