Indonesian Muslim Community Moves to Defend Indian Muslims

By: Ali Farkhan Tsani, Senior Editor of MINA Islamic News Agency

Muslims in Indonesia began to move by holding a protest of solidarity with the fate of Indian Muslims, directly at the Indian Embassy to Indonesia in Kuningan, South Jakarta on Friday, March 6 2020.

The mass view of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), the Ulema Fafta Defenders National Movement (GNPF), and the Alumni Brotherhood (PA) 212 staged the action by carrying out urgent demands by the Indonesian government to sever diplomatic relations with India.

‘To the Indonesian government, break diplomatic relations with India,” said Novel Bamukmin, Chair of PA 212 Media Center.

He also urged the Indonesian government to take political steps against human rights violations committed by Hindu groups in India.

There are also alternating mass speeches denouncing acts of violence against Muslims in India.

“India we ask for immediate action to stop violence and persecution of Muslims,” ​​exclaimed one of the action orators.

Orator also strongly condemned anarchistic actions in India. However, he ensured Muslims would not do the same thing to Indians in Indonesia.


Action of Defending Indian Muslims from the Ukhuwah Muslim Jama’ah Team (Hezbollah) reported their participation in contributing and attending the action and escorting in the process of submitting an opinion.

“Muslims must unite and always be cautious. Perform qunut nazilah in five daily prayers, “Ustaz Darusman said in his speech on the car in front of thousands of participants.

He also carried the message Jama’ah Muslimin (Hizbullah) so that Muslims do qunut nqazailah for a month at the fard prayers.

Participating in the action, representatives of the Ukhuwah Team from a number of regions, such as: Jakarta, Bekasi, Bogor, Karawang, and Banten.

Indian Muslims are currently experiencing acts of discrimination in the form of violence from the government, officials and a group of local Hindu youth.

The clash in New Delhi took place in connection with peaceful Muslim protests over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to pass a citizenship law by not recognizing the existence of local Muslims.

Indian Muslim community staged a protest in New Delhi, and experienced continuous acts of violence. Tens of people died, hundreds were injured, many houses and mosques were damaged by the masses.

If anarchic actions that clearly violate human rights and international law are allowed, then Muslims around the world will continue to move in defense of their fellow Muslims there. Not only defending fellow Muslims, but defending the citizens of anyone and anywhere who experience oppression and human rights violation. (AT/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)