Indonesian Citizenship Documents Can Be Made Abroad

Jakarta, MINA – Government Regulation (PP) No 40/2019 concerning Population Administration was promulgated on May 24. The government also ensures service of population documents such as family cards (KK), electronic identity cards (e-KTP), or birth certificates can be done abroad.

The statement was conveyed by the Director General of Population and Civil Registration (Dukcapil) of Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) Zudan Arif Fakrullah. According to him, with the existence of the PP, service of population documents abroad has a legal basis.

“That was the first legal basis for Civil Registration to do services overseas as in domestic Civil Registration services. So, now everything is complete, “Zudan said yesterday, as quoted from Sindonews.

The Ministry has actually started overseas services since last year. However, said Zudan, the service is still very limited, which is only in the form of population data collection.

“Now the birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, NIK issuance can already be done abroad. Last year, there was still data collection, how many people and where now formal law has been fulfilled, so we are not hesitant with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” he said.

Zudan added that the service of population documents could be carried out in 130 Indonesian representative offices abroad. In fact, his party has also provided training to staff in these representative offices.

“We use representative offices abroad such as Civil Registration in the country so that the products are directly integrated. Because there is already a population registration number (NIK), if overseas is called NIT or a single parent number, it can be served. NIT’s front code is 99. In the past, it wasn’t there, so there was no service, “he explained.

According to Zudan, this service can provide optimal protection to Indonesian citizens abroad.

“We can know the number of Indonesian citizens in Korea, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia. Now it’s still duplication. They are recorded outside, but there is still inside the country. Because overseas does not say goodbye, for example, if there is a domestic data election, domestic healthy service (BPJS) exists, while the people are abroad. We are heading forward, namely one data policy, “he said. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)