Indonesia Circular Economic Forum to Held in Jakarta

Jakarta, MINA – The 3rd Indonesia Circular Economy Forum (ICEF) will be held in Jakarta on 11-12 November 2019.

The forum with the theme “Towards a Sustainable Future through Circular Business Practices” will be attended by around 400 participants consisting of high-ranking government officials, the industrial world and the private sector, academics, practitioners professionals, and other relevant stakeholders.

The forum is organized by Greeneration Foundation, an organization that is concerned with environmental movements, especially those driven by young people, and supported by the European Union (EU). It was held as an effort to accelerate the implementation of a circular or circular economic system in Indonesia.

EU support is delivered directly by the EU Ambassador to Indonesia, Vincent Piket. He said the transition from linear concepts to circular economics was the only step towards the future. The earth’s ecosystem has already carried such a huge burden.

“Currently humans have used Earth’s resources as much as 1.7 times that which can be replaced naturally. We are spending natural capital that should be enjoyed by future generations, “Vincent said in an official statement in Jakarta on Thursday, November 7.

According to him, the Circular economy has become a major element in industrial activities and the economic strategy of the European Union. In the midst of a world with limited resources, the transition to a circular economy is also very likely to occur in Indonesia.

“We can work together to accelerate and facilitate these changes, together,” Ambassador Vincent also said by the Climate Change and Environment Counselor, European Union Delegation to Indonesia, Michael Bucki at the Indonesian European Union Office in Jakarta during a media conference.

Bucki explained the circular economy was a strategic approach to ensure sustainable economic growth and received great attention from the world because it was believed to be able to help reach 134 targets in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Meanwhile, the Executive Director of Greeneration Foundation, Vanessa Letizia explained Indonesia has poured the concept of a circular economy in terms of waste reduction and integrated waste management, as contained in Presidential Regulation No. 97/2017 of National Strategy and Policy (Jakstranas).

“Changes to a circular economy require the participation of all parties. We present a variety of speakers, both from within and outside the country, who will help identify the challenges and potential of the circular economy in Indonesia, as well as share their collaboration experiences with various parties, “she added.

Vanessa explained at this year’s forum the participation of the business sector in carrying out the concept of the circular economy became the main focus. The intended sectors are food, agriculture, fashion, urban design, and infrastructure, tourism and household lifestyle.

In the forum, Greeneration Foundation will present a variety of sources, both from within and outside the country. One of them is the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan. Bappenas Deputy for Economy Bambang Prijambodo, European Union Ambassador to Indonesia Vincent Piket and Charge d’Affiars Norwegian Embassy Bjørnar Dahl Hotvedt is also scheduled to attend.

In addition, the main speakers will also be present from the Association for Packaging and Recycling for Sustainable Environment in Indonesia (PRAISE) which is a combination of six companies in Indonesia, namely Coca Cola, Danone, Indofood, Nestle, Tetra Pak, and Unilever.

These speakers will help identify the challenges and circular economic potential in Indonesia. “And share their collaboration experiences with various parties,” she said.

Apart from the European Union, ICEF 2019 is also sponsored by the Government of Norway, the Government of Denmark, the Government of the Netherlands and the Academy of Medical Sciences. This year’s forum also received support from the Government of Finland, Waste4Change, PRAISE, University of Indonesia, Coventry University, Blue Economy Foundation, Global Compact Network, GIZ, IATL ITB, MVB,, and Napindo.

ICEF is an annual forum that brings together decision-makers from various sectors, including government, the private sector, academics, and activists of environmental issues, to discuss holistic and inclusive solutions in an effort to implement circular economic solutions for the business world, city management, and people’s daily lives. day. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)