Imaam Yakhshallah: Eid Al-Adha Reminds Us about the Glory of Prophet Ibrahim

Imaamul Muslimin Yakhsyallah Mansur

Bogor, MINA – Imaamul Muslimin Yakhsyallah Mansur asserted the momentum of Eid al-Adha reminds us of the great person of the Prophet Ibrahim Alaihi wasalam and his family as role models for humans afterwards.

It was conveyed by Imaam Yakhsyallah in the Eid Al-Adha Sermon 1441 at the At-Taqwa Mosque, Benteng Village, Ciampea District, Bogor Regency on Friday.

“A devout, grateful and patient family. A harmonious and harmonious family. Families that give birth to godly generations. A family that is able to build a great civilization based on monotheism and great sharia,” he said.

The Apostles have different strengths, as the Prophet Ibarahim, Allah has raised his status as a lover of God as well as a good example (uswah) for humanity in accordance with the word of God QS. Al-Mumtahanah verse: 4.

As for examples of the examples of Abraham there are at least four: First. The Example of the Prophet Ibrahim in Tawheed.

The great story of the Prophet Ibrahim is a clear proof of monotheism, his life’s journey is always grounded in the truth and never turned from the truth. He is always obedient to God with sincerity, also always grateful for the favors he gets.

Second, Exemplary Prophet Ibrahim in Sacrifice. The Sacrifice was first performed by the Prophet Ibrahim, based on the word of Allah As-Shafat: 107. The great sacrifice of the Prophet Ibrahim slaughtered his son along with the sacrifice of his family was recorded in the history of humanity enshrined by God in His Word.

Prophet Ibrahim sets an example of absolute obedience to Allah. He, through a dream, was commanded by God to slaughter his only son, a son who was predicted to be the successor to the struggle, the continuation of the genealogical line and the connector of the prophetic relay baton.

Likewise, the Prophet Ismail, the son, was obedient and sincere in accepting Allah’s commands that his father received.

Third, Exemplary Prophet Ibrahim in guarding the Aqsa Mosque.

Prophet Ibrahim is the Prophet who specifically Allah commanded to emigrate to build, inhabit, maintain and maintain the sanctity of the Aqsa Mosque. This happened after he faced the challenge of rejecting the great propaganda in the land of Babylon with King Namrud and his followers.

The Example of Abraham in the Da’wah Unity.

Prophet Ibrahim is a human who found God in the real sense, namely One God, namely God, Lord of the worlds, God the creator of humans, God who is one with the principle of monotheism, La Illaha Ilallah.

Because God is one, they are one people, one religion, one truth, which comes only from God. If humans hold fast to the truth of Allah’s religion, it will be the basis for the realization of the unity of the people in Al Jama’ah that cannot be divided by any situation and condition. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)