Hundreds of World Musicians Call for Boycotting Israel

Ramallah, MINA – Hundreds of world musicians from across generations take the stance of boycotting the state of Israel.

The step is a form of moral support for the people in the Gaza-Palestine Strip who have been living under the occupation of the Zionist regime.

The Times of Israel reported that on Saturday around 600 world musicians had signed the boycott.

In the affidavit, hundreds of these musicians signed a call to reject any invitees, or guests, to any event held in Israel.

“We ask all of you, to join us, on your behalf by refusing to appear in any institution related to Israel,” read the boycott call reported by the Times of Israel.


According to the report, the call for a boycott of the musicians had been voiced since last week.

Those who also signed the boycott call were Patti Smith, a legendary musician from the 1970s, and a poet from the United States (US).

Rock band the Stroke frontman and vocalist Julian Casablancas also took part in signing calls for a boycott.

Roger Waters, the former bassist and vocalist of British band Pink Floyd, was also confirmed not to be absent from the boycott.

Roger Waters, throughout the 2000s, until now, has indeed intensified his voices for acts of moral resistance against aggression and Israeli alignment in Palestine, as well as the blockade in the Gaza Strip.

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The call for a boycott against Zionist-Israel has actually been massive throughout the world since the last few weeks. Not only musicians, artists, celebrities but also actors and top actors in the world.

They participated in demonstrating on the streets campaigning for support for Palestine. They, together with humanitarian activists, and several cross-country politicians, are calling for independence for the Palestinian people.

The acts of condemning and boycotting Israel followed the brutal 11-day attack by the Zionist army in the Gaza Strip last week. The attack targeted civilian buildings and facilities in Gaza, and killed more than 220 people, including 60 children and women. (T/RE1)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)