Hard Hearts and the Solutions

By: Usamah Ali Abdul Majid, Lecturer of Kuttab Cimahi Community Learning Activity Center (PKBM), Bandung, West Java

The heart is one of the determinants of one’s deeds. Hardness and softness of heart will affect one’s deeds.

The cause of a hard heart comes from things that are forbidden by Allah. To find out, here are some of the causes of a hard heart:

Do a lot of disobedience

Every disobedience will leave a black dot in the heart. The more disobedience, the more black dots that cover the heart. So that it is increasingly difficult to receive advice, and further away from goodness.

Far from Al-Quran

A person is far from the Qur’an, meaning he does not or rarely reads it, contemplates it, let alone puts it into practice.

Khabab bin Al-A’rab said, “Get closer to Allah with all your might, because the closer you are to Allah, the easier it will be for you. But you cannot draw near to Him except with His Word (the Quran).”

Too busy with the world

He became a person who left or put aside worship because he was too busy with worldly things. So that worship is neglected and forgotten. His spirit becomes dry and vulnerable to various immoral temptations.

Make the world your main goal

He becomes a person who ignores matters of the hereafter and religious matters, because the world is his main goal. Even though the world is just a place to stay, nothing more than that.

Therefore, a good Muslim only holds the world in his hands, not in his heart.

Difficult to take advice

Another sign that the heart is said to be hard is that it is difficult to accept advice, knowledge or invitations to goodness. He can also be categorized as an arrogant person, because he rejects goodness and denies the truth.

Halal Food

Cleanliness and halal food can determine the softness of the heart. Take, for example, eating pork. Scientifically even pork is not worth eating. Pigs are dirty animals. This animal also sleeps in the dirty mud. Pork is dirty and in the meat there are parasites that harm the human body.

Scientifically, the liver is a filter food. The food eaten will pass through the liver to be filtered from toxins and harmful substances. If a person continues to eat unclean food, his heart will slowly break down.

Soft heart solution

The solution to all of that, so that the heart is not hard, even so that it becomes soft, is to do the opposite of these things. Starting from trying as much as possible to leave disobedience, starting to often interact with the Quran, and being allowed to seek the world but prioritize the hereafter.

Another is by listening to advice, either directly through studies (ta’allum) or through social media for Islamic da’wah.

With the softer and brighter our hearts, the members of the body will be easier to use to do good.

People whose hearts are soft will tremble when they see kindness. The goodness that he sees, he knows, and he hears will increase the height and strength of his faith.

May Allah soften our hearts so that it is easy to worship and do good. Amen. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)