Hamas Condemns Israel for Transforming Jerusalem Citadel into Jewish Museum

Jerusalem, MINA – The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas on Wednesday condemned Israel’s transformation of the ancient Palestinian historical site, the Citadel of Jerusalem, into a Jewish museum with the new name of the Tower of David Museum.

“Hamas condemns in the strongest possible terms the Israeli occupation’s decision to turn the Citadel of Jerusalem, an ancient fortress located near the Hebron Gate in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem, into the Tower of David Museum,” an official statement announced as quoted from Middle East Monitor on Thursday.

“Such a move has no legitimacy as it comes as part of the Israeli occupation’s strenuous effort to erase Jerusalem’s identity. Jerusalem will always remain an Arab and Islamic city,” the statement stressed.

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Hamas stated that the Citadel of Jerusalem: “Is an inseparable part of Jerusalem’s historical features and Islamic endowment property that will continue to be a witness of the Arabic and Muslim identity.”

The Palestinian resistance movement called on the international community, in general, and particularly The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO): “To act and put an end to the Israeli occupation’s attempts to falsify historical facts and to protect Muslim and Christian sacred sites in the holy city. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)