Five Serious Problems Faced by Palestine

Senior journalist of Mi'raj News Agency (MINA), Rifa Berliana Arifin, Lc, MH (photo: Habib/MINA)

By: Rifa Berliana Arifin, Lc, MH, Senior journalist of Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

Bandar Lampung, MINA – Senior journalist of Mi’raj News Agency (MINA), Rifa Berliana Arifin, Lc, MH said, there are five serious problems faced by Palestine from the past until now. He conveyed that at the Millennial Peacemaker Forum event, in the Rectorate Hall building, IIB Darmajaya, Bandar Lampung on Sunday.

Rifa was also emphasized to know about these five problems so that Muslims can understand how the media and western countries directly help Israel.

“Our role as activists and journalists must be more than just diplomacy. We must also feel what the Palestinians feel every day,” he wrote.

The first problem is the difficulty of freeing Palestinian prisoners who have been arrested by Israel for unclear reasons and have been treated inhumanely. According to him, in this world, only Israel dares to imprison foreigners, Palestinians, who are not citizens of their own country.

Therefore, the release of the prisoners is the main concern of the Palestinian people.

Second, it is difficult to return to Palestine. This is a complaint of Palestinians who do not live in Palestine because of the 12 million Palestinian population, another 7 million are trapped in European countries, Lebanon, Jordan, and refugee camps in the Asian region, such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei.

Third, the difficulty of achieving complete independence. It is the desire of all Palestinian people to be freed from Israeli occupation because Israel has seized many of their rights by looting, destroying homes without being forced, and annexation that is not based on clear laws.

Fourth, the difficulty of ending the Israeli blockade. According to Rifa, for dozens of years, the people of Gaza have not deserved to live because of the electricity, air, food and medicines controlled by Israel. In addition, in this region too, wars occur every year.

Fifth, the difficulty of freeing Al-Aqsa Mosque from Israel’s desecration. Palestinians want to liberate the Al-Aqsa Mosque because the mosque is the first Qibla for Muslims.

According to Rifa, these five issues must continue to be fought for and voiced so that the entire world community knows about the conditions and suffering of the Palestinian people.

“Hopefully, all the problems in Palestine can continue to be voiced and fought for by us,” he concluded. (T/ri/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA).