Chief Palestinian negotiator Erekat begins tour of Chile (Photo: MEMO)
Chief Palestinian negotiator Erekat begins tour of Chile (Photo: MEMO)

Al-Quds, 24 Muharram 1437/6 November 2015 (MINA) – The Secretary of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation’s Executive Committee Saeb Erekat has sent a letter to the President of the Republic of Honduras Juan Orlando Hernandez who recently visited Israel, asking him to activate Honduras’s commitment to the Fourth Geneva Convention, including in relation to the protection of civilians in times of war.

In a statement issued by his office, the Erekat said that a country which helps others commit violations of international laws bears responsibility for these violations as well.

He warned of the consequences of legitimising the illegal Israeli violations. In his letter, Erekat criticised Hernandez for visiting East Jerusalem, considering this step to be a diplomatic recognition of Israel’s illegal attempt to annex the Palestinian capital. Middle  East Monitor (MEMO) reported, Friday (6/11).

By doing so, Honduras has committed a flagrant violation of international law, Erekat explained.

“It is a matter of concern for us in particular that you decide to pay this visit without coordination with the concerned authorities in the State of Palestine, not only because your country is one of the 137 countries in the world that recognised the State of Palestine.

But also because of the large Palestinian community living in Honduras, which we take pride of the remarkable contributions they have made to your country in the areas of economic, political and social development. Palestinians are part of the social fabric of Honduras,” he wrote.(T/P/R04)