Eleven Indonesian MER-C Volunteers Arrive in Gaza, Palestine

MER-C volunteers arrived in Gaza, Monday, March 18 2024 in the midst of the war that is still raging (photo: MER-C)

Jakarta, MINA – A total of 11 Indonesian volunteers from the Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C) arrived in Gaza, Palestine, marking an important step in humanitarian aid efforts for residents affected by the conflict and humanitarian crisis in the region.

“After waiting for some time in Egypt, thank God, our team of doctors finally managed to enter Gaza,” said MER-C Presidium Dr. Sarbini Abdul Murad on press conference in Jakarta on Tuesday.

The 11 MER-C volunteers, consisting of general practitioners, orthopedic doctors, anesthesia nurses and surgical nurses, are ready to carry out their medical duties at Gaza Southern Hospital.

Currently, they are in southern Gaza. They are members of the WHO medical team which coordinates medical teams from various countries called the Emergency Medical Team (EMT).

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They will work at Al-Bait Hospital in southern Gaza because they do not yet have access to Gaza City or northern Gaza.

So, the total number of MER-C volunteers currently in Gaza is 13 people.

Meanwhile, MER-C volunteers who are already in the Gaza Strip, such as Fikri and Reza, continue to fast with enthusiasm.

“They remain active in sharing and providing support to the local community, showing Indonesian solidarity in facing difficult situations in the region,” he said.

The presence of Indonesian MER-C volunteers in Gaza Palestine gives new hope to the local community, that aid and support will continue to flow to help them get through these difficult times. Sarbini hopes that these humanitarian steps can bring some relief to Gaza residents who are in need. (T/RE1/P2)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)