Coronavirus Suspect in Indonesia Increases to 23 People

Medical officer checking coronavirus (photo Special)

Jakarta, MINA – Corona special government spokesman Achmad Yurianto said the number of suspected coronavirus (Covid-19) per day has increased to 23 in all regions of Indonesia. Peviously, there were 11 suspect corona in Indonesia.

Based on the explanation of Ministry of Health, suspect coronavirus means people who experience symptoms of fever, coughing, breathing problems, and have visited at infected country or had direct contact with a positive coronavirus patient.

According to Yurianto, 23 suspects are from 327 who were examined. Specimens were sent from 63 hospitals in 25 provinces.

“From this 327 we know that there are 4 positive confirmations, then there are 23 still suspect,” said Yurianto at the Presidential Palace Complex, Jakarta on Sunday, March 8.

Yurianto said of the 23 suspects, one of whom is currently being treated in Bandung. While two other people are recorded in Bali. However, he did not elaborate again about other suspect locations.

He explained that the suspect would only be declared negative after at least undergoing the inspection up to eight times. The repeated examination, said Yurianto, was carried out because in some cases the patient tested positive at the sixth to the 8th examination.

“We cannot say that it is negative even though it is a negative examination, we have to do a series of negative checks many times. In general, we will carry out a week, 7 checks, hopefully the 8th examination is negative,” Yusri said.

On that basis, said Yusri, to date 23 suspects are still undergoing treatment at the hospital for further observation. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)