Attending OIC Summit, Indonesia Condemns Terror Attacks in Christchurch

Istanbul, MINA – Following the terrorist attacks at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand on Friday, a week ago. Indonesia expressly condemned terrorist acts in various forums, including at the Ministerial Conference of Islamic Cooperation Organizations (KTM OIC).

“Indonesia condemns the act of terrorism that happened in Al Nour Mosque and Linwood in Christchurch, New Zealand,” stated Indonesia’s Foreign Minister Retno L.P. Marsudi in her speech on 7 (seven) key messages from Indonesia at the OIC Emergency Ministerial Conference in Istanbul, Turkey, Friday.

The OIC Emergency Ministerial Conference addresses the shooting tragedy at two mosques located in Christchurch and discusses organization’s strategies to counter hatred against Muslim.

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The message is one among seven key points delivered by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia’s during the meeting.

In the second message, Minister asserts Indonesia’s condemnation to the statement made by Senator Fraser Anning from Australia. Senator Aning’s statement is considered irresponsible, appealing, and offensive.

In the third key message, she conveys that as members of the UN’s Security Council, Indonesia and Kuwait have initiated a press statement expressing the strongest condemnation toward Christchurch attacks that claims several lives, including an Indonesian citizen.

Fourth, she states that Christchurch attack was a reminder that no country immune from terrorism. Christchurch was a testament of the lack of understanding about Islam as a religion of peace. “We must prevent the ‘clash of civilizations’ from happening,” she affirmed.

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Fifth, Indonesia advises for the OIC to reinforce values of tolerance, since peaceful coexistence could only be developed through a strong foundation of tolerance.

Sixth, OIC is obliged to re-double efforts in promoting interfaith dialogue. And seventh, as the Ummah is currently facing enormous challenges, OIC must stand united in addressing the real problems of Ummah, including the oppression of Palestinians.

Aside from those seven points, the Minister calls on OIC to enhance their commitments to utilize the OIC Contact Group for Peace and Dialogue as a platform to deal with Islamphobia and all kinds of discrimination against Ummah.

In her closing statement, Minister Marsudi expects that OIC keeps running its role as the real beacon for dissemination of peaceful Islam.


Other OIC members, the meeting was also attended by New Zealand’s Foreign Minister, Winston Peters.

Minister Peters stated that all of his people are in grief and they condemn the terror attacks that happened to both mosques last week. He appreciates the supports and solidarity delivered by the Islamic world for New Zealand. He explained a number of measures that New Zealand will take, including tightening the regulation on firearm ownership.(T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)