Arab Countries Condemn the Burning of Copies of Quran in Denmark

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Doha, MINA – Arab countries condemned the burning of the copies of Quran in Denmark on Friday and described it as a dangerous provocation to the feelings of Muslims during the month of Ramadan.

The statement was issued by the foreign ministries of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Morocco, Kuwait and Libya, Marshal Qatar reported.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia said the Kingdom condemns in the strongest terms what extremist groups have done in Denmark to burn the copies of Quran.”

The Saudi ministry added, “The kingdom affirms the need to consolidate the values ​​of dialogue, tolerance and respect, and rejects everything that will spread hatred, extremism and exclusion.”

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Libyan Government of National Unity considers that the burning of the copies of Quran is an act of racism and a blatant violation that provokes the feelings of Muslims around the world, especially when we are in the month of Ramadan.

The Libyan ministry considered that “this dangerous act of incitement fueled violence and hatred.”

He called on the international community to assume its responsibility and oppose hate speech and “systematic Islamophobia”.

The Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry also expressed its country’s condemnation of the burning of the  copies of Quran and the Turkish flag by the extremists.

Kuwait said this was a “new provocative step that will inflame the feelings of Muslims around the world, especially in the month of Ramadan.”

Kuwait calls on the international community and the governments of concerned countries to move swiftly to renounce feelings of hatred and extremism, and work to stop this repeated abuse of the symbol and sanctity of the Muslim Ummah, and to hold the perpetrators accountable.

Meanwhile, Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers that “this heinous incident is an act of incitement and serious provocation against the feelings of more than two billion Muslims in the world, especially during the month of Ramadan.”

“Allowing repeated violations of the Koran under the pretext of freedom of expression, fuels hatred and violence, threatens the values ​​of peaceful coexistence, and reveals disgusting double standards.”

Qatar totally rejects all forms of hate speech based on creed, race or religion, and the involvement of chastity in political disputes.

Jordan in its statement described the incident as an “unacceptable racist and inflammatory act that provokes the feelings of Muslims, especially during the month of Ramadan.”

The Moroccan Foreign Ministry said, “The Kingdom condemns the burning of copies of the Noble Quran.”

Morocco called on the Danish authorities to “strictly enforce the law to confront irresponsible inflammatory behavior and not allow it to be repeated under any pretext.”

On Friday, an extremist group burned a Turkish flag and the copies of Quran in front of the Ankara embassy in the Danish capital, Copenhagen.

The extremist attack was carried out by supporters of a group called “Patriotne Gar Live (Patriots Live)” in Denmark, where it was broadcast live on the group’s Facebook account.

The attackers also waved anti-Islam banners, shouted derogatory slogans and burned the Turkish flag. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)