Amazed by the Discipline of Islamic Teachings, Jameela Became a Convert

London, MINA – Thirst for direction and guidance in life brings Jameela to Islam.

The Nigerian woman who grew up in Britain looked at religion as someone who directed what she should do.

For this 30-year-old woman, as long as she is worshiping God, that is the most important thing.

Jameela was raised as an adherent of the same religion as her family.

However, despite having religious beliefs, she is still looking for clues.

Jameela felt that he wanted to be more connected with religion and felt that there was something lacking in the previous religion.

Until then, her life journey led Jameela convert to Islam.

“For me religion (the previous religion) didn’t give me that anymore and the only thing I could think of was what I could change and also my sister gave me a book to read. So I discovered Islam at the age of 19,” said Jameela, as quoted from About Islam on Saturday, June 6.

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Jameela then found a turning point in his life with Islam.

She claimed to be interested in Islam because of his discipline. One of them, discipline in prayer five times a day.

According to her, praying five times is an opportunity to return to God.

After deciding to embrace Islam, Jameela tried to read further knowledge of religion and felt the need to discipline to perform prayers.

“I just need discipline and I think that is the way forward for me. There are certain things in religion (before) that I will no longer believe in, such as the figure of a child of God,” she said.

When she first became a Muslim, Jameela knew nothing about Islam.

However, it was fortunate that she had several brothers who helped him get to know and understand Islam.

Jameela then tried to slowly practice Islam. Initially, she was hesitant and said maybe it wasn’t the time now to show the identity of her new religion.

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Jameela thought to perfect her religion first.

But then, Jameela decided to veil. She revealed, people thought that they were Muslim oppressed because of their hijab.

In fact, according to her, the hijab actually gives respect to her as a woman of those who want to deal with it.

In fact, Jameela feels that religion is the controller and director of everything.

Because of Islam, Jameela often reminded herself of everything he wanted to do.

Not only that, Jameela said that people who know her will also say that she has changed a lot in handling many things or when dealing with other people.

“The more I worship the more I turn to God, the more I try to understand how useful religion is,” she said.

In the Quran, for example, for every struggle that goes through, Jameela said there was something in it related to it.

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Of course, if we open our hearts to connect with Al-Quran.

“I have read the Quran many times and when I read it I only missed it because I did not want it to reply to me, but you find that the more you come to religion, the more you come back and realize that answer is for my life,” she said.

After getting to know Islam, Jameela surrendered more to God.

She revealed, now every time something happens, he can turn to God and then pray. There he felt better.

But when she got into trouble, Jameela was not mourning or sad as usual. She would instead go to pray and pray.

“Subhanallah, things have changed. And even my friend asked how this happened? But I’m doing something right here,” she added. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)