Fatima Elizabeth Cates, First British Woman to Convert to Islam

Fatima Elizabeth Cates, First British Woman to Convert to Islam (photo: AboutIslam)

Liverpool, MINA – Not many Muslims know, Fatima Elizabeth Cates was the first British woman to convert to Islam in 1887 after attending a lecture by Sheikh Abdullah Quilliam.

As quoted from AboutIslam on Wednesday, Fatimah died at the age of 35 and was buried in Liverpool without a gravestone with her name engraved since the Victorian era.

“Even though she was only 35 when she died, the impact and legacy she left behind was enormous,” said Amirah Scarisbrick, a mother of Toxteth who converted to Islam.

Even though she died at a young age, he had a huge impact and inspired many people in his struggle to convert to Islam because at that time, access to study was very difficult, not as easy as today.

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After more than 1 century on Friday, the tombstone at Fatima’s grave was finally replaced with a tombstone with his name engraved on it. This reimbursement uses donations collected through GoFundMe.

Not only was her name engraved on the new tombstone, Amirah and other members of the Liverpool Muslim community, who took care of the replacement of the tombstone, also carved a verse from Fatima’s poem which reads: “May we always heed the warning given by God so that we can safely go to Heaven. ”

Pilgrimage is allowed in Islam. Prophet Muhammad Shalallahu alaihi wasallam said:

“I forbid you to make pilgrimages, but you can do it because it can remind us of death.” (Abu Dawud)

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In addition, Al Qurtubi quotes the words of past scholars who said: “Softening a hard heart can be done by visiting the tomb.” (T/RE1)

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