Allah Commands to Prophet Musa to Seek Knowledge

Trustee of the Al-Fatah Islamic Boarding School Network throughout Indonesia, Imaamul Muslimin Drs. KH. Yakhsyallah Mansur, MA when giving tausiyah to Haflah Tasyakur Batch 30 MA Al-Fatah Lampung, Sunday (21/4), (Photo: Habib/MINA)

People who have knowledge, Allah promises, will be elevated in rank. There is no higher rank than Prophet and Apostle, but Allah still commanded Prophet Musa to continue studying even though he was an apostle.

This was explained by the Trustee of the Al-Fatah Islamic Boarding School Network throughout Indonesia, Imaamul Muslimin KH Yakhsyallah Mansur when giving a tausiyah at the Haflah Tasyakur event for Class 30 of 2024, Shuffah Hizbullah Islamic Boarding School and Al-Fatah Madrasah, Natar, South Lampung on Sunday.

Imaam Yakhsyallah continued, Allah still ordered Prophet Musa to seek knowledge. He also asked the students, “Then what about us as ordinary people, not prophets, not apostles, not even religious scholars?”

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“Then you have just finished the aliyah level, that is not finished and has not been achieved, so after you finish the aliyah you have to go to higher school. “I am grateful that 40 percent of the students who graduated have passed the selection for state universities,” he said.

Prophet Musa sought knowledge

Tells the story of Prophet Musa who was ordered by Allah to seek knowledge. One day Prophet Musa was teaching, with the character of his students being known to be naughty and difficult to control because people from the Bani Israel had that character.

A disciple of the Prophet Musa asked, “Is there anyone smarter than you?”

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So Prophet Musa spontaneously answered, “Nothing.”

It is true, none of the Children of Israel had higher knowledge than the Prophet Musa.

However, Prophet Musa’s answer was considered wrong by Allah Subhanahu wata’a. He was then ordered to look for someone smarter than him, namely in Majma’al Bahrain, Sudan. It turned out that it was Prophet Khidir whose knowledge was higher than that of Prophet Musa.

Then Prophet Musa wanted to become Prophet Khidir’s disciple, but Prophet Khidir gave him one condition, namely patience. Prophet Musa also agreed to these requirements.

But apparently, in the middle of his journey to fulfill these requirements with Prophet Khidir, Prophet Musa failed because of the fatigue he faced.

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Take a lesson from this story, that seeking knowledge must be complete, until tired, as in surah Al-Insyiroh, “Faragha” which means completion.

Imam Yakhsyallah said, after completing Aliyah, then move on to the next level, namely “Fansob”, work again until you are tired, so you will never stop studying. (T/RE1/P2)

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