Ahead of Ramadan, Social Distance in Indonesia to Be Relaxed

Photo Source: Pemprov Jabar

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesian Ministry of Health has opened an opportunity to relax one of the health protocols for the coronavirus (Covid-19), namely social distancing during the transition period from the pandemic to the Covid-19 endemic in Indonesia.

The Secretary of the Directorate General of Public Health at the Ministry of Health, Siti Nadia Tarmizi, added that the government is currently compiling a roadmap to endemic. But before that, Indonesia must achieve two conditions, namely the pandemic control phase and the pre-endemic phase.

“We know that the easing of the prokes could be, for example, keeping a distance, for example in certain activities such as activities at places of worship. Since we are about to enter the month of Ramadan, maybe this distance is no longer used as an indicator,” Nadia said at a press conference on Tuesday as quoted from CNN.

However, Nadia requested that the easing of the prokes be balanced with other regulations or facilities, such as the congregation being required to bring their own personal prayer rugs and prayer equipment.

Regarding the use of masks, according to him, there will be changes according to the trends and conditions of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia. Nadia then emphasized that for now the easing that is still being done by the government is for people’s mobility.

“So the easing of the prokes will certainly be assessed according to the state of the trend, and again as we know, in principle we are looking for a balance point between health and non-health interests,” she explained. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)