Abbas: A Thousand Words No for Trump’s Plan

Ramallah, MINA – Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on his speech in Ramallah, Weststressed “A Thousand Words of No” responded to the plans of the Deal Of Century that US President Donald Trump had just announced at the White House on Tuesday afternoon.

Abbas said Palestinians from all political factions strongly rejected Trump’s plan.

“We say ‘a thousand words no’ to this agreement,” Abbas said, as Jpost said.

Referring to the plan as a “slap in the century,” Abbas said he did not find anything new in Trump’s announcement.

“We heard two years ago that he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,” he said.

“They kept asking us to wait until the plan was announced. Now, we see and we reject it from the start. Jerusalem is not for sale. Our rights are not for sale,” Abbas continued.

He claimed that Trump’s plan was based on the Balfour Declaration “designed by the US and Britain to seize Palestinian objectives. All schemes to seize Palestinian objectives will fail. ”

Abbas announced that he would immediately start taking action “which requires a change in the role of the Palestinian Authority in accordance with the resolution adopted by the PLO.”

The PLO institutions had earlier called for revoking Palestinian recognition of Israel, stopping security coordination with Israel in the West Bank and leaving agreements signed between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.

Palestinian officials and political factions vowed to try to thwart the plan.

Abbas spoke at an emergency meeting of Palestinian officials in Ramallah to discuss how to respond to Trump’s plans. Palestinian Islamic Jihad representatives and others were invited to participate in the meeting.

In a televised address, Abbas called the plan “a conspiracy,” adding that the rights of his people “were not for sale.”

“I say to Trump and Netanyahu: Jerusalem is not for sale, all our rights are not for sale and not for bargaining. Your agreement, conspiracy, will not pass,” he said.

The officials stated that the Palestinian Authority immediately took important and decisive steps in responding to the American-Israeli plot.

Meanwhile, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said the announcement of Trump’s plan “had no value, and it was not worth the ink he wrote.”

“Palestine will win, Trump and the deal will go to the rubbish bin of history,” he said.

A statement by several Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip released a firm statement, “There are no invaders who will remain on our land. Jerusalem will remain the eternal capital of Palestine. This will remain an Arab and Islamic city. ”

The Palestinian Authority will ask for an emergency meeting of Arab League foreign ministers on Saturday to discuss Trump’s plan. (T/R7/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)