A Mosque in New Zealand Equipped by Security System

Palmerston North, MINA – Palmerston North Mosque was named the first mosque in New Zealand receiving advance security system. Improving mosque’s security system will be extended to mosque and Islamic centers in New Zealand.

The security enhancement was carried out after terror attack in Christchurch that left 51 mosque worshipers dead in March 2019. The police could not guard the mosque at any time, so someone designed a mosque security system for the safety of worshipers.

The former Major of New Zealand Army, Abdul Lateef Smith, has designed a security system for Palmerston North Mosque. The draft security system is being distributed to mosques throughout New Zealand.

Palmerston North mosque near Lateef’s residence became the first community to accept a homemade security system.

Lateef said the presence of police in the mosque only took place after terror attacks until the end of Ramadhan.

The mosque which now has a card as a key to open the door and also has sensor lights, CCTV, and a community security guard team. There is another security feature installed in the mosque’s security system but Lateef did not want to disclose it.

“The community (Muslim community) provides security officers during religious services and major religious events, security officers are placed on the doors of mosque and its surroundings,” Lateef said.

Although the police were no longer in the mosque to maintain security, Lateef said the community was sure they could take care of themselves. They has realized that the presence of police in the mosque will not be forever. “We think practically, we know that we cannot leave the door (mosque) wide open again,” he said.

Lateef is now a volunteer Federation of Islamic Associations in New Zealand for safety and security. The federation was formed by post-science volunteers of terror attacks in mosques in March 2019 which left dozens of Muslims dead. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)