7.000 Saudi Scouts Gear Up to Serve Hajj Pilgrims

Jeddah, MINA –  Saudi Arabia’s scout teams have completed their preparations to offer various services to the Hajj pilgrims. The areas of their services include receiving the pilgrims, guiding them, offering them support and participating in the tasks of pilgrims’ grouping and dispatching to the holy sites.

To maintain a long history of scouting, full of work and dedication in the holy places during the Hajj and Umrah seasons, the Saudi Arabian Scout Association (SASA) is gearing up to provide its services to the pilgrims arriving in Makkah and Madinah, through scout camps operated by young people who have opted to participate in serving the pilgrims, seeking Almighty Allah’s pleasure.

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Members of SASA are now fully prepared to start implementing the plans of grouping and dispatching pilgrims to and from the holy sites, guiding and assisting the lost pilgrims, helping the Ministry of Health staff in a number of hospitals in Makkah and the holy places, as well as providing other emergency services.

According to SASA, 7,000 scouts are expected to participate in this year’s Hajj season in the public service camps in Makkah; the holy sites; Madinah; the land, air and sea ports; and the Hajj terminals.

The scouting activities are not only limited to guiding pilgrims and providing emergency services but also extend to monitoring the hygiene environment of the holy sites and preventing irregular vendors, as well as monitoring commodity prices and validity, in cooperation with the staffers of the Ministry of Trade.


During the last decade, the Saudi Arabian Scout Association has worked to develop all the camps and rehabilitate its staffers by providing them with specialized curricula and necessary skills, in order to do their duties professionally. Young people of different nationalities have also been recruited to contribute to providing services to non-Arabic speaking pilgrims.(R/R04/RS5)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA) 

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