30 Years Ago the Massacre at Al-Aqsa

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Ramallah, MINA – On Thursday, October 8 is the 30th anniversary of
the first massacre” at the Al-Aqsa Mosque by Israeli occupation forces against Muslim worshipers.

On Monday, October 8, 1990, to be precise before Dzuhur Prayers, a group of Israeli Jews named Temple Mount Faithful, escorted by the occupation forces, tried to lay a foundation stone in what they considered to be the third temple in the courtyard of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Thousands of Muslim worshipers tried to block the action. The occupation forces acted, firing indiscriminately at the congregation, leaving 21 martyrs, 200 injured and 270 detained. It was quoted from Wafa on Wednesday.


Even after the incident, the occupying forces remained on guard at the Al-Aqsa compound for six hours preventing other Muslims from evacuating the martyrs’ bodies and providing assistance to those who were injured.

In fact, half an hour before the incident, the occupation forces had placed military checkpoints on all roads leading to the Al-Aqsa Mosque to prevent Muslims from disturbing the Jewish mob action.

However, the Muslims cleverly entered Al-Aqsa half an hour before the checkpoint was installed.

The following are the names of residents who were martyred in the incident: Burhan al-Din Abd al-Rahman Kashur, 19, Ayman Mohi al-Din Ali al-Shami, 18, Ibrahim Muhammad Ali Farhat Idkidak, 16, Ibrahim Abd al-Qadir Ibrahim Ghurab, 31 , Izz al-Din Jihad al-Yassini, 15 Majdi Abd Abu Sneinah, 17, Maryam Hussein Zahran Maktoub, 52, Fawzi Saeed Ismail al-Sheikh, 63, Nimer Ibrahim Dweik, 24, and Rabhi Hussain al-Amouri al-Rajabi, 61, Muhammad Aref Yassin Abu Sneina, 30, Fayez Hussein Hosni Abu Sneina, 18, Majdi Nazmi Mesbah Abu Subeih, 17, Abdul-Karim Muhammad Warad Za`tara, 40, Jado Muhammad Rajeh Zahdeh, 24, Musa Abd al-Hadi Murshid al-Sweiti, 27, Salim Ahmad Badri al-Khalidi, 24, Adnan Khalaf Shteiwi Janadi, 28, Najla Saad al-Din Siyam, 70, Yusef Abu Sneina (the preacher of the Al-Aqsa Mosque), and Abd Muhammad Miqdad. (T/RE1)

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