Yemen Calls for Indonesia to Strengthen Cooperation in Islamic Education Development

Jakarta, MINA – Minister of Religion Fachrul Razi conducted a conversation via a video conference with the Ambassador of the Republic of Yemen to Indonesia Abdulghani Nassr Ali Al-Shamiri. Both discussed the development of Islamic education more closely.

During the meeting, Abdulghani expressed his high appreciation for Indonesia’s trust in sending students to study in the Republic of Yemen.

Currently, no less than four thousand Indonesian students are continuing their education in the Republic of Yemen. They, continued the Ambassador, mostly studied at Darul Mustofa, Tarem or Hadramaut University.

“Currently, they are in areas that are safe from conflict. We hope that when the atmosphere is conducive and the world is safe from the pandemic, this cooperation in providing scholarships and sending students can continue, “the Ambassador said as quoted by on Wednesday, August 26.

“We also plan to send our students to several religious universities in Indonesia,” he added.

Not only that, Abdulghani said that his party was also willing to send teaching staff from the Republic of Yemen to Indonesia for the development of religious and Arabic lessons in Islamic educational institutions.

Abdulghani also hopes that he can immediately meet the Minister of Religion directly to discuss the possibility of cooperation related to the sustainable development of Islamic education.

He also invited the Minister of Religion to attend the Republic of Yemen to ensure the strengthening of cooperation in the field of religious education.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Religion said that he is opened to building a closer cooperation in developing Islamic education with the Republic of Yemen.

“We welcome the offer of cooperation submitted by the Ambassador, because we know that Indonesia and Yemen have similarities in the development of a tolerant, moderate and rahmatan lil ‘alamin Islam,” said the Minister of Religion.

“God willing, if the conditions allow, I am willing to fulfill the invitation. Moreover, so far I am certain that I have never visited the Republic of Yemen. Hopefully, in time we will have the opportunity to visit Hadramaut and its surroundings, “he added. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)