World’s Trick

By Bahron Ansori, Editor of Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

“And there is no life of this world but amusement and amusement and indeed the Hereafter is the real life, if they only knew.” (Qs. Al Ankabut: 64).

Raphel De Rotschild-grandson of the French super-rich, Elie De Rotschild-found horribly dead in his luxury apartment in New York. The heir to the financial dynasty of the Jewish giants couldn’t stand the excess of drug overdose at his young age of 23.

The billions of dollars he has turned out to be worth nothing compared to the heap of earth that buried his body. The tragic story above reminds us of what was narrated from Abu Hurairah, that the Prophet Shalallahu alaihi wassalam said, “O Abu Hurairah, will I show you about this world?”

Abu Hurairah replied, “Would you like it, O Messenger of Allah?” Then Rasulullah Shalallahu alaihi wasallam took my hand and asked me to go. Finally, the Prophet stopped at a place full of dirt. There were scattered human skulls, and scattered bones.

In addition, there are also cloths that have been crushed by dirt. Then Rasulullah Shalallahu alaihi wasallam said to me, “O Abu Hurairah, this is a human skull as you can see for yourself. These heads are like yours. These heads used to be full of desire and wishful thinking to collect and rule the world and its contents. But now, their bones are strewn about, their bodies are falling apart as you can see and the cloths were once the jewels they were proud of.

However now, the cloths are blown away by the wind and thrown into this filth. These bones in the past when in the world they moved to circle the world from all directions as they pleased.

While this dirt is their first delicious food. They tried in various ways to get it. They even take the forbidden way to get what they want. Some of them took it from others, so now they are thrown into a terrible corruption, so that no one will come near it, because the smell is suffocating.”

In the book Ersyadul ‘Ibad, Allaits narrates from Jarir that someone came to Prophet Isa (as) and said, “I want to be friends with you and always want to be with you.”

Prophet Isa also agreed. So the two of them walked by the river bank. When it was noon, they both ate. They ate three slices of bread. Prophet Isa (as) one piece, the person one piece and the rest one piece Shortly after eating, Prophet Isa went to the river to drink.

When he returned, he did not find the rest of the loaf of bread where they had rested. Then, Prophet Jesus asked his friend, “Who took the rest of the loaf of bread earlier?” asked the Prophet Jesus. The man replied, “I don’t know.” So Prophet Isa silenced him and they continued on their way. On the way, they saw a deer and his two cubs.

Then Prophet Isa (as) called one of the fawns and slaughtered it, burned it and both of them ate it. After eating, Prophet Isa (as) ordered the dead fawn to come back to life. Prophet Jesus asked his friend again, “By Allah who has shown His power to you. Who took the loaf of bread earlier?” The man replied, “I DON’T KNOW.”

Then they both continued their journey back until they arrived at the edge of the river. Then Prophet Isa (as) took the man’s hand and asked him to walk on the water until they both reached the other side.

Prophet Isa then asked for the umpteenth cloth, “By Allah, who has shown this evidence to you, who took the bread?” The person replied as before, ‘I don’t know.’

When the two of them arrived in the forest and while sitting and relaxing, Prophet Isa As took soil and gravel and ordered him, “Be gold with Allah’s permission.” Then suddenly the gravel and earth turned to gold. Then Prophet Isa (as) divided the gold into three parts. “For me a third, for you a third and for those who took a piece of bread a third,” said Prophet Isa As.

Hearing the distribution, the person immediately said, “I am the one who took the piece of bread earlier.” Prophet Isa As replied, “Then take all this gold for you.” Then, Prophet Jesus and that person separated.

Moments later, the man was approached by two robbers. Out of fear, the man said, “What if we just divide this gold into three?” The two robbers agreed. Feeling hungry, one of them was asked to buy food at the market. In the heart of the person who went to the market said, “Why must the gold be divided by three? It’s better if I poison this food so that the gold will be mine all.”

So, even that food he gave poison. Calmly he walked back to the place where his two friends were waiting.

Meanwhile, his two friends thought narrowly. They consulted to eliminate his friend who was buying food earlier. One of the two said, “Why do we have to divide this gold by three, it is better for us to divide this gold by two.” Another answered, “Then, how can we share this gold just the two of us?”

“After he returns (the person who went to the market), then we just kill him,” he explained. Both of them agreed to realize their evil intentions.

After the person who bought the food came, they immediately killed him. So now it’s just the two of them. Because they were very tired and hungry, the two of them immediately ate the food that had been poisoned by their slain friend.

Before long, the two of them looked stretched in pain and finally died from the poisoned food. Their position surrounds the gold that is up for grabs. When Prophet Isa (as) returned on his way home and passed through the forest again, he saw three corpses, one of which was a pile of gold. So Prophet Isa (as) said to his followers, “This is the picture of the world, so be careful all of you from the consequences it causes.”

That is the parable of the world which the Prophets have described to their people in order to take ibroh from it. Every Muslim must admit that in fact this world is only a mirage. His deception is like a venomous snake that can poison a weak faith.

Brother, for every Muslim, the world is only a means to achieve the highest position in the sight of Allah, the Lord of the worlds. A Muslim whose faith is authentic, of course, will always pray so that his heart is not deceived by the sheen of the world. Wallahu a’lam. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)