West Java MUI Invites Occult Prayers for Ridwan Kamil’s Son

Bandung, MINA – The Indonesian Ulema Council of West Java Province invited the Indonesian people to perform occult prayers for the eldest son of the Governor of West Java, Mochamad Ridwan Kamil, namely Emmeril Khan Mumtaz or called Eril.

He has drowned in the Aare River, Bern, Switzerland since Thursday and has not been found until now.

The invitation to the occult prayer was the result of a meeting between the Ridwan Kamil family and the West Java MUI Leadership Council at the West Java MUI Office, Thursday night.

“Mr. Mochammad Ridwan Kamil and his wife have fully accepted and believe that Emmeril Khan Mumtaz’s beloved son has died from drowning,” said the General Chair of the West Java MUI, KH Rachmat Syafe’i in a written statement as quoted from the mui.or.id website.

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Furthermore, in the statement, he added, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (KBRI) in Switzerland said that the local authorities had changed the search status for Eril from missing person to drowned person.

“This indicates that the person being sought may have died,” he said.

Secretary of the West Java MUI, KH Rafani Akhyar, said that by taking into account the family’s information and taking into account the provisions of the Shari’a, Eril’s body must be prayed for immediately.

“Because the body is not or has not been found, the funeral prayer is performed by means of the occult prayer. Therefore, the West Java MUI calls on all Muslim communities to perform occult prayers for the late Emmeril Khan Mumtaz on Friday in every mosque and prayer room. The occult prayer can be performed before the Friday prayer, it can also be performed at the Friday prayer,” he said.

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“West Java MUI also feels deep sadness while praying that the Governor and his family will continue to be given strength and fortitude in accepting this disaster,” he added.

Previously, through her personal Instagram account, Eril’s mother, Atalia Praratya, shared a pretty sad Instagram post. Like a letter written to Eril, he said goodbye to Eril to return to Indonesia and entrusted Eril to his true owner, Allah Subhanallah wataala.

“Ril, mommy goes back to Indonesia first, okay? Mama has entrusted you with the best care and protection from your true owner, Allah subhanallah wataala wherever you are. God willing, you will not be cold, hungry, or lacking anything. In fact, you will get an abundance of love, gifts, and never-ending happiness,” she wrote.


“Here on the river Aare, which is incredibly beautiful and beautiful, I’m letting you go so we can meet again sooner or later. As the Mayor of Bern said, the city of Bern will forever be deeply connected to us. Mamah’s best wishes in every breath,” she added. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)