US Muslims Express Concerns over the Murder of George Floyd

Minneapolis, MINA – A number of Muslim groups and individuals have expressed solidarity with anti-racism demonstrators in the United States (US). This happened after the murder of George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations and Muslim networks promised to fight anti-blacks in the Muslim community. They made a joint statement as quoted from Republika on Wednesday, June 3.

“We stand in love and solidarity with friends, family and the communities of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Yassin Mohammed, Ahmed Arbery, Steven Taylor, and every black person who has been killed by law enforcement officers.”

“We stand in love and solidarity with every black person who has been ostracized, ignored or made to feel unequal in our Muslim organizations, mosques, Islamic schools, or businesses.”

“We stand in love and solidarity with the movements, organizations and efforts of black people to defend the rights of black people, including the Black Lives Matter.”

“Our faith always teaches us to persevere against injustice and defend oppressed people. We will no longer wait for death to move us, to realize that black people have an irrevocable right to live peacefully in this country.”

“As a community organization, we are committed to doing more than mourning and publishing this letter. We are committed to carrying out long-term reforms that include educating and holding ourselves accountable, and overcoming anti-blacks in our community.

We are committed to supporting local efforts that challenge and eradicate anti-blacks in the circle we lead. ”

Meanwhile, US Muslim scholar, A Yasir Qadhi, wrote on his Facebook page above a photo of Malcolm X.

“Fifty years ago. More than one generation. Nothing has really changed. Let’s concentrate on systemic injustices that are legalized, culturally normalized, intentionally done, rather than some small act of random hooliganism that the media likes, ”reported 5 Pillars on Wednesday. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)