US Claims Killing Al-Qaeda Leader Qassim Al-Rimi

Qassim Al-Rimi, Al-Qaeda leader (photo: Screenshot)

Washington, MINA – U.S President Donald Trump said on Thursday, the US forces had killed Qassim Al-Rimi, Al-Qaeda leader on Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) by an operation in Yemen.

Al-Rimi had previously claimed responsibility for last year’s deadly shooting at Pensacola, the U.S Navy Air Base in Florida, Aljazeera reported.

AQAP has long been considered the most dangerous Al-Qaeda affiliate due to attacks on the US mainland.

“We will continue to protect the American people by tracking down and eradicating terrorists who are trying to harm us,” Trump said.

While Trump confirmed Al-Rimi’s report had been killed, he did not say when or how the details of the operation were carried out.

Al-Qaeda has not confirmed the death of the AQAP leadership. (T/R7/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)