University of Bakht Alruda Sudan Wants to Cooperate with Universities in Indonesia

The Rectorate Building of the Lampung University


Bandar Lampung, 09 Rabiul Akhir 1438/08 January 2017 (MINA) – Rector of the University of Bakht Alruda Sudan, Prof. Dr. Gaddala Elhassan Abdalla visited the University of Lampung, Friday (6/1), for exploring the possibility to establish cooperation with the University of Lampung (Unila).

Gaddala and entourage of Pondok Pesantren Shuffah Hezbollah and Madrasah Al-Fatah were welcomed by Unila Rector Prof. Dr.Ir. Hasriadi Mat Akin, at the Unila Rectorate Building in Bandar Lampung.

In his presentation before the Unila Rector and staff, Gaddala explained everything about his university that had been opened since 1997 with all the existing facilities.

He also said the university would not ask complicated requirements for the possible educational cooperation between the two institutions.

“There is no specific requirement for such cooperation. Universities in Sudan will be very happy if they  can cooperate with universities in Indonesia,” he said.

Focus on cooperation in agricultural field

Meanwhile, Unila Rector Prof. Hasriadi when asked by Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA) after a meeting with the visiting educators from Sudan said he would focus on the cooperation in agricultural field.

“Agriculture has become our icon. On its capacity as the largest agricultural region in Indonesia, Lampung is the largest timber producer, the third largest producer of maize, the world biggest pineapple producer, the largest producer of sugar and coffee. Well it is the Soil Science, we want to internationalize the journal of tropical land, we will focus to get there, how we can cooperate in the field of agriculture,” he said.

In addition, we will also conduct an exploration for the exchange of students and lecturers between the two universities.

“There have been conveyed invitations for international seminars to be held in August and September. We specially invite the University to participate,” he said.

On the possibility of cooperation with Hizbullah Shuffah Pesantren and Madrasah Al Fatah who has worked with the University of Bakht Alruda earlier, Hariadi said it would provide scholarships for Hafiz students (students who have the capability to memeorize of the Qur’an) to continue their studies in Unila.

“Of course we will provide the scholarship as we’ve started this previously, there are some students who have a basic memorization of some chapters could continue their studies here,” he said.

He also added that cooperation could be done because it becomes a mutual desire that the more increasing number of children hafiz, the more the world will be peaceful.

“In the future we will publicly announce scholarship opportunities for the hafiz students, we will provide the falitacy,” he said.

Gaddala arrival in Indonesia is in the framework of a reciprocal visit to the Pesantren Al-Fatah as  the Main Patron of the Pesantren Al-Fatah visited the Sudan’s university in September 2016.      (L/R04/RS05)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)