Two Indonesian Students Win Doctorate Degrees with Summa Cum Laude at UIM

Islamic University of Madinah (photo screenshot)

Madinah, MINA —Two doctoral students (S3) from Indonesia returned to the name of the nation in Saudi Arabia.

Both of them were declared graduated by a team of examiners with the title Summa Cum Laude an entitled to hold a Doctorate degree at the Islamic University of Madinah (UIM).

Azmi Zarkasyi Abdullah Syukri who studied education (tarbiyah) and Emha Hasan Ayatullah who majored in fiqhussunah underwent an open doctoral promotion session at the same time in different places, namely in the hadith faculty and court room of the Da’wah faculty.

In front of the examining team, Azmi Zarkasyi Abdullah Syukri successfully defended his dissertation entitled “The Role of Extracurricular Activities in Cultivating Islamic Education Values ​​in High School Students at Modern Islamic Boarding Schools in Java Island Indonesia in Modern Education Views.”

Meanwhile, Emha Hasan Ayatullah raised the results of the research and Authentication of the book “Fathul Baari Syarah Sahih Bukhari, The Work of Al-Hafidz Abdul Fadl Ahmad bin Ali ibn Hajar al-Asqolani, from the Book of Cultivation to the End of the Book of Al-Mukatab Chapter Chapter: Buy, Then Me Free it. ”

Besides witnessed by students from Indonesia and several foreign students at UIM, the open session of doctoral promotion of two students which took place on Thursday, January 30, 2020 was attended by the Acting Social and Political Affairs 2 Indonesian Consulate General (KJRI), Jeddah, Tubagus Nafia.

After passing the test with a very satisfying value by the examiner team, Azmi immediately made a prostration of gratitude and hugged the examiners.

In addition to receiving congratulations from the examiners, Azmi and Emha were surrounded by their fellow students who took turns greeting and hugging them while congratulating them for their proud accomplishments.

Azmi Zarkasyi Abdullah Syukri is the son of one of the Caretakers of the Pondok Darussalam Darussalam Gontor Ponorogo.

The man who was born in Ponorogo in 1986 began studying at UIM since 2005 by majoring in Da’wah and Usuluddin for S1 and Tarbiyah (education) programs in S2 and S3 programs.

Azmi revealed her familiar greeting, because facing various challenges, he needed five years to complete his doctoral program.

“A long bureaucratic process, searching and collecting data from various sources in Indonesia, the challenge of Arabic style in scientific writing, dividing time between learning and time for family,” said the grandson of one of the founders of Pondok Gontor’s Darussalam Darussalam.

When asked what his next plan was after completing his education at the Islamic University of Madinah, Azmi said he would return to serve in the hut that his parents now take care of.

Meanwhile, Emha from Banyuwangi, East Java chose to join her predecessor colleagues, namely teaching on campus. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)