Three Historical Mosques in Russia

Kazan, MINA – Islam has been developing in Russia since the 16th century. In the 18th and 19th centuries, people of Dagestan, Chechen, Circassia, Ingush, and so on entered Russia. Then, Islam expanded into the territory of the former Soviet Union.

When the communists came to power, many mosques and Islamic relics were destroyed. But now, Islam continues to grow. The wave of Islamic development seemed unstoppable. At present, more than 4,750 mosques are recorded in Russia. However, the actual number is more than that number.

From many mosques, there are some which are quite old. The mosque is a witness to the history of the development of Islam in the land of the Red Bear. Until now, the old mosques are still standing and used for daily worship activities, thus quoted from Republika on Friday, October 24.

Marcani Mosque

This mosque is also called the Al-Marjani Mosque. It is located in Kazan, Russia. According to historical records, Marcani Mosque was built in 1766 until 1770. It is the first mosque that built-in Kazan.

The mosque has two floors and two rooms. The interior is in the Baroque Petersburg style. In 1861 Yunisovs trader contributed ladders and in 1863, he contributed to the extension of the mihrab and new window.

Therefore, this mosque was also called Yunisovs Mosque at that time. Renovations were also carried out by a wealthy merchant named Z Gosmanov in 1885.

Iske Tash Mosque

This mosque is more than 200 years old. The Iske Tash Mosque was built in 1802 in the Kazan region. The Construction of mosque was carried out to commemorate the warriors who died while defending the Kazan region in 1552.

One of the people who contributed greatly to the construction of this mosque was Ghabdulla Utamishev. He is a well-known wealthy trader. The old mosque has two floors, two rooms, and a minaret in the middle of the triangular roof.

In 1930, the mosque was closed by the Soviet Union Government. However, it reopened for a place of worship in 1994.

Bornay Mosque

This mosque is also called the Third Cathedral Mosque or Burnayevskaya Mosque. Its location is in the Kazan region. The mosque was built in 1872. Its construction was funded by Mohammad Sadiq Bornay and realized by Pyotr Ivanovich Romanov project.

The architectural style of the mosque is namely national eclecticism. Minaret was built in 1895. This mosque has a minaret at the front door, a hall, one storey, and was built with red brick. The interior was designed with Tatar and Russian culture. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)