Thousands of Visitors Flooded the Sya’ban Bazaar 1444 H Al-Fatah Cileungsi

Thousands of visitors flood Bazaar Sya'ban 1444 H Al Fatah Cileungsi (Photo: Sajadi/MINA)

Cileungsi, Kab. Bogor, MINA – Thousands of visitors flocked to the Sha’ban Bazaar in a series of Tabligh Akbar 1444 H or Taklim Center for Jama’ah Muslimin (Hizbullah) which was held at the Shuffah Hizbullah Islamic Boarding School (Ponpes) and Al-Fatah Madrasa, Cileungsi, Bogor, Wednesday-Sunday (15-19/3).

MINA journalists at the location reported that on the fifth day or peak of Tabligh Akbar 1444 H, thousands of worshipers began to crowd the Al-Fatah Cileungsi Complex, including the Sya’ban Bazaar which is located right in front of the entrance to the complex.

There were around 50 booths consisting of food, beverage, accessories and clothing products enlivening this year’s bazaar. It is hoped that this activity can improve the community’s economic wheel.

One of the bazaar participants from Sukabumi, Sayono (38) said that the increase in visitors was felt since Saturday and peaked Sunday morning.

“Alhamdulillah, this is the first time I have sold it at the Cileungsi bazaar,” said this meatball food seller to MINA.

He hopes that on this last day, sales turnover can increase and his trade will be visited by pilgrims.

The Tabligh Akbar committee previously targeted as many as 10-11 worshipers from various regions and abroad to attend this annual event.

Apart from the bazaar, this year’s event contains various activities such as social activities, blood donors, book reviews and the top event, namely Tabligh Akbar Sya’ban 1444 H. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)