Students of Padjadjaran University Hold Solidarity Action for Palestine

Unpad students held a solidarity action for Palestine, Thursday (2/5/2024). (Photo: Doc. MINA)

Bandung, MINA – A number of Padjadjaran University (Unpad) students in Bandung on Thursday held a solidarity action with Palestine, in response to cases of violence and the arrest of hundreds of students in the United States (US) who demonstrated to protest the war in Gaza.

There were posters reading “Unpad Supports Free Speech in Columbia University” and “We Support American Students for Justice in Palestine” as their aspirations. The demonstrators expressed their support for fellow students who experienced unfair treatment.

One of the orators at the action, Muharrik, emphasized that the death of freedom of speech for Palestinian defenders was something frightening for human rights activists.

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“What is happening in America is not just an attack on individual rights, but an attack on the principles of freedom of opinion and expression that we uphold,” said Muharrik.

“In times like these, it is critical that we stand in solidarity with the students of Columbia University, who have been silenced. “We must speak louder, speak bolder, and demand accountability for those who violate the values ​​of freedom,” he added.

In line with the orator, a demonstrator named Ariana also emphasized the support of the participants in the Palestinian solidarity action.

“We are good, our country’s political will has never supported colonialism, we love you, Mrs. Retno, I hope we consistently support Palestine! Therefore, we do what we can to support fellow students in America to convey the truth. “We condemn all acts of violence committed by the state against its own students,” she said.

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Demonstrators hope this act of solidarity can be a call for change and inspire similar action around the world. They called on the government to act decisively and ensure the protection of human rights, wherever and whenever. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)