Sri Lanka Consulate Holds Breaking Fast with Interfaith People

Dubai, MINA – Sri Lankan Consulate General based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has different ways to fill the holy month of Ramadan. Sri Lankan Consulate hosted a joint breaking the fast which was attended by inter-religious people.

“Our goal is to hold this event to make people know that there is no division between each other. And today we have come to show solidarity and give blessings in our homeland, “said Sri Lankan Consular General, Charitha Yattogoda as reported by Khaleej Times on Sunday.

Sri Lankan people, continued Charitha, love peace and they must bring this spirit. Peace and unity are key to bringing Sri Lanka to move after the terrorist attack on Easter Day.

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The iftar activity which was attended by religious leaders was intended to build post-war interfaith solidarity on Easter Day in Sri Lanka, a few weeks ago.

There are more than 200 Sri Lankans from various religions who attend the event titled night of friendship, caring, and sharing true passion in the holy month of Ramadan. The joint iftar attended by Muslim, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist religious leaders began at 05.30 p.m local time.

After reading the Holy Qur’an, the guests of iftar silence for a minute to pray for the victims of Easter Day attack. Silent silence is also directed at families and armed forces who have sacrificed their lives to protect fellow Sri Lankans in the tragedy of 21 April.

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One of iftar participants with interfaith believers, Anosh Ahamath, was pleased to see people from different religions joining in to break their fast. He said the bombing incidents in Sri Lanka reminded many parties that they would not stop campaigning for cultural understanding and awareness of importance of living side by side with all religions.

“It is very encouraging to note that our consul general is at the forefront of efforts to further strengthen the ties between Sri Lankans of various ethnicities and religions in the UAE,” he said.

Since the Easter Day attacks occurred and it is known that the terrorists were members of Islamic movement, attacks on Sri Lankan Muslims took place. Mosques are the target of attacks.


To prevent worse events for Muslims, Sri Lankan Government also made several steps such as temporarily banning the use of social media. Also, enforcement of curfews in many cities.

Sri Lankan government is committed to providing protection for all its citizens including Muslims who are currently in the spotlight and victims of attacks. The widespread anti-Muslim movement has made Government of Sri Lanka continue to provide more intense protection. (T/Sj/p2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)