Sea Wall Collapsed, Tanjung Emas Area in Semarang Flooded

Semarang, MINA – Tambak Mulyo sea wall in Tanjung Emas Village, Semarang City, Central Java Province collapsed due to high tides (rob) on Monday (May 23). As a result, hundreds of houses in Tambaklorok Village, Tanjung Emas Village were flooded.

The location of the broken embankment is right at RW 13, Tanjung Emas Village. Due to the flooding, a number of residents were evacuated to safer places.

“The evacuation has started to be carried out by the Semarang City BPBD,” said Mulyono, a local resident, to the media crew.

The Semarang City BPBD rescue team evacuated the affected residents using rubber boats.

“Inflatable boats have been used to evacuate residents from being trapped in their houses,” he said.

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The information obtained stated that not only Tambaklorok Village was submerged, but also Tambakrejo and Tambakmulyo villages.

The current tidal flood was the largest, resulting in the collapse of the safety embankment.

The government continues to make efforts to evacuate residents’ settlements and handle the levees that are currently breaking.

As observed by Central Java’s Minanews at the location, the water level varies, from the thigh to the chest of an adult or up to 1.5 meters. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)