Saudi Minister of Islamic Affairs Visits Indonesia

Banten, MINA – Minister of Islamic Affairs, Da’wah and Counseling of Saudi Arabia, Shaykh Dr. Abdullatif bin Abdulaziz Al-Shaykh arrived in Indonesia on Thursday at Soekarno Hatta Airport, Tangerang, Banten.

The arrival of Sheikh Abdullatif was welcomed by the Indonesian Minister of Religion Yaqut Cholil Qoumas.

The Minister of Religion said, Dr. Abdullatif is scheduled to be in Indonesia until Tuesday, March 29, 2022.

The Minister of Islamic Affairs of Saudi Arabia plans to visit the Istiqlal Mosque, UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, and close The 14th National Level Musabaqah Memorizing Al-Qur’an and Al-Hadith (MHQH) of Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Alu Su’ud which is currently being held in Jakarta.


“Tomorrow, Shaykh Abdullatif plans to close the Musabaqah Al-Qur’an and Hadith (MHQH) which has been going on since March 22 yesterday,” explained the Minister of Religion.

MHQH is an annual event organized by the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in collaboration with the Directorate of Islamic Community Guidance at the Ministry of Religion.

According to the Director General of Islamic Community Guidance, Kamaruddin Amin, this musabaqah was attended by 250 memorizers of the Qur’an and Al-Hadith from 34 provinces, Islamic boarding schools, and religious institutions in Indonesia.

Sheikh Abdullatif is also scheduled to meet with religious organizations in Indonesia such as Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), Muhammadiyah, and other Islamic organizations. (T/RE1)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)