Protest Against Indian Anti-Islamic Law, Six People Died

Protest Against Indian Anti-Islamic Law, Six People Died (photo: special)

Assam, MINA – Six people were died in protest against controversial citizenship laws in northern India that also condemned by the United Nations and human rights groups for being highly discriminatory against Muslims.

Officials said on Sunday that four people had died after being shot by police forces during a protest in previous day, while another died when a shop where he slept was on fire.

The tensions have peaked in the ethnically diverse north of India since Wednesday, when parliament voted “Yes” to the so-called Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB).

The government then signed the amendment into law.

The law allows granting of citizenship to millions of migrants who come to India legally or illegally from Pakistan, Bangladesh or Afghanistan before 31 December 2014, but not if they are Muslim.

Demonstrations also took place on Sunday in the largest city of Assam State, Guwahati, which has been the center of unrest for the past few days. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)