Prophet’s Birthday is More Than Just Making Salawat

By: Trimanto B. Ngaderi

“Let’s prove our love for Rasulullah (messenger of Allah, Propeth Muhammad Shalallahu alaihi wasallam) by making salawat (pray for the prophet) ,” said a Islamic preacher in a commemoration of the Prophet’s Birthday. 

“Hopefully with salawat, we will get the Prophet’s intercession (shafa’a) at Judgment Day (Yawm al-qiyāmah), amen ya rabbal ‘alamin“, hopes a Islamic preacher after inviting the audience to make salawat.

“Anyone who does not want to make salawat, then they are not one of the Prophet Muhammad!’s ummah”, exclaimed another Islamic preacher.

Those are some of the messages delivered by Islamic preachers when commemorating the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. Those messages are not actually 100 percent wrong, but they are incomplete if they are not related to other aspects of religion. The form of love for the Prophet is not only by making salawat. Getting intercession on the Day of Judgment and being his ummah are not only by making salawat.

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Commemorating the Prophet’s Birthday is not only with increasing salawat and reading the book of Barzanji for 12 consecutive days. However, in order to celebrate the Prophet’s Birthday, we have to do more than that.

Here are some important points that need to be conveyed when commemorating the Prophet’s Birthday:

Become the successor of the Prophet’s da’wah

Whoever we are, whatever our job or position, every Muslim has the same task: continue doing da’wah of the Prophet in introducing Islam rahmatal lil ‘alamin to all mankind. Of course, the da’wah that we spread must be adjusted with our capacity and capability.

It is a big mistake if we think that da’wah is only spread by Islamic preachers because their number is limited and their time is also limited. For this reason, every Muslim needs to work hand by hand and unite in order to carry out the mission of da’wah to create a religious society and spread goodness.

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Carry out the sunnahs of the Prophet

Many people claim that they are the prophet lovers, but unfortunately they do not apply the characteristics and behavior of the Prophet Muhammad in their daily lives. In fact, they do not follow the sunnah of the prophet. They make salawat vigorously all night long, but they are late in praying Fajr or even not doing it because they are sleepy and fall asleep until noon. There are also those who wear t-shirts written “love of the prophet”, but they never pray in congregation even though their house is close to the mosque or there are people who claim to be “salawat teamt” but often insult and demean other groups.

Those are the phenomena we often see in society. In fact, to love the Prophet is not only with salawat, but also we need to imitate him, carry out his sunnahs, and try to be an example for others.

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Practice Islam seriously

To gain the pleasure of Allah and the salvation in this world and hereafter, we must practice Islam in totality.

Not infrequently some of us in religion are still half-hearted. Some commands are executed, others are not executed. Still picky in running the Shari’a. If it feels heavy or not according to his will, then he ignores it. Some even reject the law from God, such as polygamy. Rejecting usury on the grounds that it is generally accepted and difficult to avoid.

Akhirul kalam, let’s make this commemoration of the Prophet’s birthday as an encouragement to take part in preaching Islam, trying to imitate him, and practicing this religion in totality. (T/ri/RE1)


Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)