Physical Construction of Indonesian Hospital in Myanmar Already Done

Rakhine, MINA – The physical construction of Indonesian Hospital in the Rakhine States, Myanmar, which is initiated by the Humanitarian Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C) in collaboration with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) and Indonesian Buddhist Representative (Walubi) has completed 100 percent.

“The physical construction of this hospital can be said to be 100 percent complete, now only work on landscaping but also parking lots,” said Ir. Idrus Muhammad Alatas, MER-C Construction Division to MINA on Thursday, October 10.

“Last week I went to Myanmar, the building was finished, only a park and a parking lot were being arranged, in a maximum of ten days, Lord Willing,” he said.

Idrus revealed in this project, MER-C carried out physical construction, while the procurement of medical equipment was carried out by PMI in collaboration with the Indonesian Embassy in Yangoon.

He further said MER-C would first hand over part of the physical building handed over to Myanmar Ministry of Health while waiting for the completeness of medical equipment held by PMI and the Embassy.

“If it is complete with medical devices, the inauguration will be held, which is planned to be held at Indonesian Embassy or at Myanmar Ministry of Health, given situation at the location, where conflict is still raging between separatist forces and Myanmar Government forces.

As for the medical team, it will be filled by Myanmar’s own medical team who have been working at the old hospital. Indonesian hospital was built as a substitute for the existing hospital.
“So, we only provide the physical hospital, replacing the old hospital that is no longer suitable to use, which is next to it. “Doctors, Myanmar medical doctors are already staying there, there are doctor’s dormitories and nurses’ dormitories,” Idrus said.

He also revealed that the surrounding community welcomed the construction of the hospital and was pleased with the assistance. “Hopefully, the hospital will be useful for them (the surrounding community),” he concluded. (T/Sj)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)