Palestinian Minister of Health Condemns Israeli Forces Attack on Hospital in Hebron

Palestinian Minister of Health Condemns Israeli Forces Attack on Palestinian Hospital in Hebron (photo: M Shaaban/MINA)

Hebron, MINA – The Palestinian Minister of Health, Mai Al-Kila, condemned today, Saturday, the Israeli occupation forces’ attack on Hebron Governmental Hospital and firing of tear gas containers at the hospital, MINA Contributor in Palestine reports.

Al-Kaila added that the occupation forces fired a tear gas grenade inside the hospital’s emergency yard, as a result of which a number of citizens and hospital workers suffocated.

Al-Kaila said that this attack is added to a series of Israeli occupation attacks against Palestinian hospitals, centers, medical staff, and ambulances.

She called on international and human rights institutions to intervene to compel the Israeli occupation to abide by international law, which guarantees the protection of medical centers even in cases of war.


The Palestinian Minister of Health saluted the medical staff working in Hebron Hospital and all medical centers in Palestine, who work in a complex environment to protect the Palestinians and preserve their health.

Yesterday, the Israeli occupation forces attacked Hebron Governmental Hospital, causing a number of Palestinians to suffocate as a result of the Israeli forces firing tear gas canisters inside the hospital yard. (LKG/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)