Palestinian Day of Nakbah, World Must Rise In Solidarity for Right of Return

By Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid, President MAPIM; Coordinator Coalition for Asian Action Group for Humanity

On the occasion of commemorating the 68 th year of Palestinian Nakbah , the coalition of Asian Action Group for Humanity call on all the international community to re-ignite the pressure on Israel for the right of return of all the Palestinian refugees back to their land occupied by Israel in 1967.

All countries should declare the Nakbah day as a day to demand the the rights of Palestinians to reclaim their nation righfully own by them.

We fully support The Global Campaign to Return to Palestine which has chosen the 15th of May of each year as a central occasion to commemorate under the name “The Day of Return”.

The Palestinian catastrophe (AL-Nakba 1948) inflicted by the Jews is in actual fact a human catastrophe of massacres, oppression and persecution of Palestinians. It should be extended to all humanity which resulted in the displacement of more than 840000 Palestinians from their homeland (out of 1.4 million Palestinians at that time).

The claim of “People wihout Land and Land Without People” on which becomes the basis for evicting the Palestinian since May 15 th 1948 is totally rejected without .It is an historical falsehood to justify occupation and supression on the Palestinian.

There is a need to always bear in mind that the history of Israeli occupation and its aparteid policies on Palestine must be revisited repeatedly. The suffering of almost 800,000, and now more than 4 milion Palestinians evicted from their land cannot be just observed as a memory but must be made into a powerful campaign goal against injustice, denial and violation of human rights

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We opined that it is the Nakbah Day of the world that should be remembered, not only relating to the Palestinian people but also to the whole world community to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian resistence movement.

It is precisely because it was condoned by the British and the whole of the western powers that allowed the ravaging of the Jews to occupy the Palestinian land. The massive eviction of Palestinians becomes the turning point of decades of conflict. Therefore it is only right that remembering Nakbah should be an international occasion for the world community to unite and rise.

The current situation in the remaining Palestinian land is a projection of years of suppresaion, occupation and denial of rights. The blatant persistence of illegal settlement of Jews on Palestinian soil through threat, forced eviction and bulldozing of homes and orchards, witness by the world, is a show of unwillingness of the international agencies to act and stop the attrocities by the Zionist regimes.

We cannot but point to the western powers especially UK and the US as the main culprit that has allowed the persecution of Palestinian resulting in Nakbah not only for the particular day but a Nakbah for decades.

This commemoration should be more manifested this year as the recent daily and open killings of Palestinian in the West Bank especially in Al-Quds by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) is a sign that the intifadhah movement of the young Palestinians defending Al-Aqsa Mosque must be supported.

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The current Intifada led by the Palestinian youth should be seen as a reawakening of the people against the Israeli occupation Army. It is beacon of hope that the young generation of Palestine is ready to face the consequances to defend The Holy Mosque and continue the struggle to free Palestine.

The resistance to halt the Judaization of Al-Quds in time and space activated by the Murobitin and Murobitat is another show of the defiance of Palestinian not to succumb to the onslaught of the Jews and the IOF.

The world community cannot stand still and watch the glearing attrocities executed by the Zionist regime which resulted in the detaining and assaulting many Palestinian children, young and old , men and women.

Indeed remembering Nakbah and the pressing for the Right of Return for the millions of Palestinian refugees must be voiced in the laudest manner and demanded in the strongest term.

The overt and covert collaboration between Israel and the western powers, US and UK and their allies must be exposed to bring out in the open how goverments and leaders of nations are colluding to retain and prolong Nakbah.

We must remind the whole world not to ignore the plight of the Gaza people who have been under siege from 2006. The on going predicament of being in the biggest open prison in the world must not be neglected. The suffering of the people of Gaza under the siege by Israel with the coorperation of Egypt is a clear sign of how the Zionist regime can collaborate with some of the secular Arab leaders in suppressing the Palestinians.


We call on the world community to:

  1. Reassert the right of the Palestinians to return to their rightfull homeland that is all the land that waere confiscated and robbed since 1948.
  2. Stand in solidarity with the Palestinian to resist the occupation forces of the Zionist regime and reclaim the land back to the Palestinians. Support must be rendered to the Intifadha lead by the Youth in the West Bank.
  3. Condemn and raise a strong voice in the world forums against the Israeli crimes and demand that the Israel regime must be brought to the international court for crime against humanity.
  4. Demand that the Judaization plan of Al-Quds and expansion plan of the Jews in Palestinian area must be halted. The assault on the Al-Aqsa Mosque must be immediately stopped settle and all Palestinians especially the children that was detained must be freed.
  5. The siege on Gaza must be dismantle and all acess into Gaza either through air, sea or land must be resumed. All Humanitarian aid must be allowed to enter Gaza and the destruction of public facilities by the IOF must be compensated and rebuild.


Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)