Palestine Demands Israeli Metal Detectors in Aqsa Mosque Are Removed

Palestinian worshippers run for cover from teargas, fired by Israeli forces, outside Jerusalem’s Old City in front of the Al-Aqsa mosque compound.


Jakarta, MINA – After weeks of tension in the holy city of Jerusalem, where Israel imposed the closure of Al-Aqsa Mosque from whorshippers and azan, Israel continued spark controversion by  installing metal detectors at the entrances to the Mosque.

The act was condemned by Muslim leader in and out of Palestine. Eventually, following mass protest in the whole part of Palestine, Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas stated on Friday  that his government would freeze contact on all levels with Israel until the metal detectors are removed.

On Friday protest, three Palestinian reportedly killed during clashes and dozens more wounded. Many more suffered from inhaling tear gas from the Forced dissolution by Israeli occupation forces, the medics said.

Since early Friday, Palestinian stood by streets and held their weekly Jumah prayer on hot pavement and cobbled alleys around the Old City in an escalating protest.

Even in an amatir video spread by Palestinians, a demonstrator who was performing prayer seen to be kicked by Israeli forces in East Jerusalem (Al-Quds).

The yesterday protest was seen as the largest demonstration of Palestinians, living in both Gaza, the West Bank and the green line are coming down to voice the same action in unity.

Israel continously violate  international law after previously the UN-owned Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) decided the Al-Aqsa Mosque as a holy site as well as a place of worship of Muslims. This decision was denied by Israel. (L/RE1/RS5)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)