Palestine-America Wins UFC 236 preliminaries

Las Vegas, MINA – Palestinian-American fighter Belal Muhammad won UFC 236 and beat Curtis Millender in the preliminary round of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 236 in Atlanta on Sunday.

This will be the sixth battle he won from seven matches, after losing to Geoff Neal at UFC Fight Night 143 January.

“This fight is me against me. I learned from my last defeat, where I went fiercely and hurried, “said Muhammad.

MEMO report, Today, the plan is to win yourself and implement the game plan, making the opponent feel uncomfortable.

“I hope to fight the next Niko Price in July. He always goes down to fight, like me, so let’s do it,” he added.

Overall, Muhammad has won 15 matches and three defeats in his record.

Muhammad, who was born in Chicago, is welterweight, and proud of his Palestinian heritage. In every battle he carried a Palestinian flag, and wanted to raise awareness about the Palestinian cause.

“When I fight, on TV in big battles, I will take my flag proudly,” he explained. (T/SR/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)