MUI Evaluates UFC Broadcast as Contrary to Islamic Teachings

Deputy Secretary General of MUI, Badriyah Fayumi (photo: MUI)

Jakarta, MINA – The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) has assessed that broadcasts of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bouts contain elements prohibited by Islam.

“From a Sharia perspective (Islamic law), human-to-human combat involving punching and kicking is considered forbidden,” said Deputy Secretary General of MUI, Badriyah Fayumi, in a written statement in Jakarta on Monday.

She argued that such actions harm both the participants’ bodies and those of others. Therefore, such spectacles are not only forbidden for adults, let alone children.

“Especially for children, the harm is greater as they may imitate without realizing the danger of watching such forbidden content,” she explained.

She also stated that UFC broadcasts have negative impacts on children, thus reinforcing the prohibition due to its perceived violence and pornography.

Based on these grounds, MUI urges the government to cease UFC broadcasts in Indonesia.

“They will soon cut access to such broadcasts, considering their negative impact on children’s behavior,” she added.

The government has endeavored to maintain decency, especially in children’s behavior, as violence and pornography are considered common adversaries.

A group claiming to be from the Alliance of Concerned Citizens Against Violence staged a protest in front of Mola TV’s office in Jakarta on Wednesday.

They demanded that Mola TV cease airing UFC in Indonesia.

They argued that such broadcasts have negative effects due to the violence and pornography they contain. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)