On Destroyed House, Exhibition of Pictures of Children Murdered During Israeli Aggression on Gaza

Gaza, MINA – A Palestinian association organized an exhibition of pictures of children who were murdered during the recent Israeli aggression on Gaza, in Khan Yunis, southern Gaza Strip on Saturday.

According MINA’s contributor in Gaza, the exhibition, which was organized by the “If We Stopped Dreaming” association, on the ruins of the Al-Saqqa family home, which was completely destroyed during the Israeli aggression, included photographs documenting Israeli crimes.

The exhibition also included toys for children, a cartoon model of an Israeli plane firing a missile, and figures of keys that express the right of return.

The 13-year-old girl, Suha Al-Astal, who participated in the exhibition, said: “We are here today to expose the Israeli crimes against children in Gaza, who were killed without in cold blood.”

Youssef Banat, vice president of the association, said: “Children in Gaza were killed during the recent Israeli aggression without guilt, so we decided to hold an exhibition with their pictures, and pictures of other children who were martyred in previous wars, to express solidarity with their families.”

He continued, “This exhibition aims to expose Israeli crimes and to convey the voice of the martyrs’ families to the world.

And he indicated that the exhibition was held on the ruins of the Al-Saqqa family’s house, which consisted of 4 floors, and included about 70 citizens, including children and women, who are now homeless.”

He called on the international community to “stand by the Palestinian people and stop the crimes committed against children.

Banat continued, “Israeli occupation violates Palestinian children’s human rights, dreams and aspirations, and deprives them of a decent life in safety and security.” He demanded to prosecute the Israeli occupation for its crimes against children and civilians.

On April 13, the situation in Palestine exploded as a result of Israeli brutal attacks in the occupied city of Jerusalem, and the escalation spread to the West Bank and the occupied Palestinian territories. Then, it turned into a military confrontation in Gaza, which ended with a ceasefire at the dawn of last May 21.

The Israeli aggression on Gaza resulted in 290 martyrs, including 69 children, 40 women and 17 elderly people, and more than 8900 injured, in addition to the destruction of thousands of housing units. (L/MS/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)