North Carolina: Israel is An Apartheid State

Washington, MINA – The Democratic Party in North Carolina in the United States, in resolutions adopted today, Tuesday by the state’s general party conference, described Israel as an apartheid state that violates Palestinian human rights.

According Wafa, the party’s decisions also called for an investigation into the killing of a Palestinian journalist who holds citizenship The American, Sherine Abu Aqleh, was killed by the Israeli occupation forces.

The Democratic General Conference also adopted a decision to designate May 15 as the day of remembrance of the Nakba and the destruction of Palestinian villages, and to punish Israeli officials.

Meanwhile, the Carolina Jewish Clergy Association launched an anti-Democratic campaign, describing the party’s decisions as “not well thought out, unbalanced, and adopting a one-sided view of the complexities of the decades-old Arab-Israeli conflict “.

A statement by the Association of Jewish Clergymen warned of the seriousness of the sanctions demanded by the statement and targeting Israeli officials, including travel bans and asset freezes on Israelis, as they target their human rights .

The statement contradicted the resolutions’ content that Israel forcibly transferred property from Palestinians to Israel by removing and demolishing tens of thousands of homes and communities, confiscating land and property, creating separate reserves and “ghettos” for Palestinians, depriving Palestinians of their right to leave and returning to their country and denying their right to citizenship.

The statement also rejected the demand to link nearly 4 billion dollars annually in military aid to Israel to end the crimes of apartheid and the oppression of the Palestinians .

The statement claimed that the aim of these decisions is to demonize the Jews. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)