Netanyahu Welcomed by Hundreds of Demonstrators when He Arrives in New York

New York, MINA – Hundreds of people held a demonstration in Times Square in protest against the extremist policies of the Israeli cabinet outside the hotel where Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was staying, after he arrived in New York to meet with world leaders.

On Tuesday, hundreds of Israeli activists and members of the Jewish community in New York organized a demonstration when they gathered outside Netanyahu’s hotel on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, according to Israeli media reports.

A larger demonstration also took place during the day in Times Square to protest Netanyahu’s visit to the US to attend the 78th session of the UN General Assembly and his meeting with President Joe Biden and other world leaders.

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“The fight against Bibi is one of the greatest democratic struggles in the world,” said Lior Hadary, an Israeli protester in New York, referring to Netanyahu by his nickname.

“It’s similar to the fight against Donald Trump here… I believe it’s the same fight, the fight of democracy against populism, against dictatorship.”

Organizers of the demonstrations in New York scheduled events throughout this week and demonstrations will continue through Saturday during Netanyahu’s meeting with Biden and a speech at the United Nations.

Meanwhile on Sunday, thousands of people took to the streets in several locations in the occupied Palestinian territories for the 37th consecutive week in anti-occupation regime protests.

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The protests have become a weekly event since January when Netanyahu announced the overhaul scheme, which seeks to rob the regime’s Supreme Court of the ability to overturn decisions made by politicians.

Proponents of the overhaul say it helps redistribute the balance of power between politicians and the judiciary.

But opponents accuse Netanyahu of trying to seize power. They said the prime minister, who is on trial in three corruption cases for taking bribes, fraud and breach of trust, also sought to use the scheme to overturn a possible conviction against him.

Netanyahu’s right-wing cabinet passed one such bill through the Knesset, stripping courts of their power to overturn cabinet decisions or appointments on the grounds of “unreasonableness.” (T/RE1/P2)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)