Muslims in America Need Scholars

Muslims in America Need Scholars (photo: special)

Detroit, MINA – Head of the American Islamic Institute Imam, Hasan Qazwini said more and more Muslims in the United States (US) want ulamas or preachers who propagate Islamic teachings with their language and culture.

It was reported on on Sunday, November 11, they were reasoned because the Quran written in classical Arabic and did not understand the language.

Qazwini tried to explain the Qur’anic verses in their daily English. So, they can fulfill their curiosity.

Traditional priests and scholars who have come from the Middle East or been educated in schools are more difficult to enter the US. The Trump administration has imposed travel bans since January 2017 on people from several Muslim-majority countries, and the government has made it more difficult to enter the US fully, with tighter interviews and background checks.

“In many other countries there are mosques without functional imams, who can assume the responsibilities of religious leaders or even speak,” said the leader of the American Islamic Institute.

Qazwani prefers to open Islamic courses rather than waiting for scholars to come. He started the course in the fall of 2017 with around 35 students enrolled. Now it has nearly 400 students, with some attending live, others watching live and even more watching videos recorded online. Besides Qazwinis, there are four other instructors.

“I need to make sure he speaks English, he is knowledgeable, he is respectful, he really cares and he is trying to adapt to the country we live in. Why does my imam speak Arabic if we live in America and the main language we use is English? “Said Alia Bazzi, (32 years), a graphic designer and student of the course. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)