Muslims are Born to Be the Best

By: Imam Yakhsyallah Mansur

Muslims were actually born to take control of human leadership towards goodness. Therefore Muslims must try so that the leadership of mankind does not fall into the hands of people who will cause damage.

When explaining the contents of the Quran verse 110 of Ali Imran’s letter, Muslims must try so that the leadership of mankind does not fall on someone who will cause damage.

Leadership will be given to people who deserve it because of the various gifts bestowed on these people, namely the right beliefs, views, regulations, morals, and knowledge.

With these various gifts from Allah Subhanallahu wata’ala, Muslims will become superior and the best people among humans.

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It is said, according to the explanation of the expert commentators from the tabi’in Mujahid circle, the superiority of Muslims is conditional on fulfilling the characteristics mentioned in the verse above. There are three characteristics possessed by Muslims that accompany the predicate of God’s grace as the best people.

That is, ordering those who are good, preventing what is wrong and believing in Allah.

Instructing those who are right regarding all forms of actions that are considered good by reason and syara’. Amar makruf means ordering or encouraging to carry out actions that are recognized as good by reason and syara’, such as serving parents, supporting wives, obeying husbands, educating children, maintaining discipline, and cleanliness, and so on.

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As for preventing what is evil, it is preventing all actions that are considered bad by common sense, such as disobedience to parents, abusive acts in the household, lying, envy, corruption, bribing, killing, and so on.

Furthermore, believing in Allah as the best characteristic of this ummah is manifested in positive behavior as proof of faith as mentioned in verse 3 of Surah Al-Anfal.

In order to create the best ummah, one of the things that can be done by Muslims today is to practice the Al-Jama’ah syari’at, as commanded by Allah in the Qur’an letter Ali Imran verse 103 and also verses others as well as in many hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad Shalallahu alaihi wasallam.

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Hopefully, by practicing the Al-Jama’ah syariat, Muslims can unite and the Al-Aqsa Mosque can return to the lap of MuMuslim. (T/RE1)

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