MUI: Dutch Government Should Not Allow Acts of Hate Against Muslims

By: Sudarnoto Abdul Hakim, Chair of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) for Foreign Relations and International Cooperation

A group of Dutch people who call themselves “Patriotische Europaer Gegen die Islamisieurung des Abendlandes” (PEGIDA) or European Patriots against Islamization in the West have carried out actions that have really hurt Muslims, especially.

The action, which was carried out, among other things, in front of several embassies in Muslim countries, including the Indonesian Embassy, ​​really clearly shows contempt and hatred for Islam and Muslims.

This action in front of the embassy of a Muslim country also gives a strong impression of Pegida’s deliberate intention to express its hatred for Muslims from Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey and Muslims from everywhere.

This action, which had actually been carried out some time before, was directed at Muslim immigrants in the Netherlands and Europe in general.

As did the extremist nationalist groups Paludan and Salwan Momika in Sweden, Pegida also shows their anti-Muslim stance towards Muslim immigrants and Islam at the same time.

This is in direct conflict with the human rights principles adopted by the UN. Allowing, let alone giving space to and at the same time protecting extremist groups like this is a betrayal of the UN’s decision and is certainly damaging to humanity.

The Dutch government and any government in Europe should have sensitivity to this matter.

Don’t excuse yourself from efforts to respect the principle of freedom of expression and then allow groups to actually damage the honor and sovereignty of individuals, communities and religious beliefs. These are two very contradictory things.

Therefore, it is highly hoped that the local authorities and government will truly show their sincere intention to be fair by imposing sanctions on anyone who has denigrated religious teachings and hurt religious communities, including Muslims.

Islamophobia seems to continue to show its overt attitude, especially in Europe and therefore I would like to call on interfaith figures and human rights activists in Europe in particular to work together, work together, strengthen the spirit and take joint steps to take tactical and civilized steps to convince the government and all party to stop Islamophobia.

The Dutch Ambassador in Jakarta should provide an open statement and assure us all that the Dutch government will stop the dishonorable and uncivilized actions of this extremist group. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)