Moroccan Conference Rejects Normalization with Israel

Rabat, MINA – The Moroccan People Against Normalization” Conference held by the Association of Palestinian Scholars abroad with a number of institutions in Morocco ended on Saturday.

The conference emphasized that Palestine is a problem for all people and rejects normalization as a criminal act and supports resistance. Thus Palinfo reported on Sunday.

The conference was attended by scholars, politicians, thinkers, media professionals, artists, and youth from various regions of Morocco.

The participants expressed the importance of holding a conference related to the history of the Palestinian people and the Palestinian issue at this critical time.

In their closing statement, the participants emphasized that Palestine is a problem for all people and the heart of every Muslim and free person.

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The conference said that the Zionist entity is an entity of occupation and usurper, hostile to all people, not just Palestine and its people. It is unlikely that these infiltrating foreign entities have the right to exist or to establish the state they claim on Palestinian land, even if the rest of the world recognizes it.

The conference affirmed that any recognition of the rights of the Zionist entity to Palestinian land is illegitimate in law and legality, inconsistent with the most basic rules of morality and human rights.

The conference participants stated that normalization with the Zionist entity is betraying Allah, the Prophet, the believers, and the holy city of al-Quds and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. They criticized the Arabs’ normalization of the Zionist entity.

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It is called for to take steps to reject this agreement, which is primarily a boycott of the parties who carry out normalization with the colonial and usurper entity of Palestinian land.

The participants asked the Moroccan government to reject the normalization agreement with the Zionist entity and not respond to US pressure.

They emphasized that the attitude of the government and the people who reject normalization is a guarantee for the government and protection for its existence, not falling into Israeli hands and submitting to American orders.

They expressed their full support for the Palestinian resistance which was grasping the embers. They called for support for the Palestinian resistance. (T/RE1)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)